Headshot of Kealan

Hi, I'm Kealan Parr.

Senior Software Engineer working on mobile, web and iOS.

Personal projects

Personal projects

Every Link I Wish I Had As A Beginner.

I created a repo detailing a host of useful links and resources to help less experienced developers. This has a CRON Node script that runs monthly, to ensure none of the links undergo link rot.

Developer Forge

A site I created to share my technical writing.

Recent work

Grid based algorithms.

I visualised Conway's Game of Life & implemented two path finding algorithms.

Chrome Dino script

A basic automation script I made for the chrome dino offline game.




Senior Software Engineer

Working in team Rai on our short-term loan products utilising React Typescript/JavaScript and NodeJS.


Software Engineer

Talented software developer, delivering projects on the mobile, web and iOS app products. Entrusted with out of hours on-call duties, and mentoring juniors, working in a high pressure environment.


Kite Apparel

Free-lance Web developer

Produced a website, with 40 product pages from a customers specification. Worked collaboratively with a client to understand their needs; successfully created their site. Gained the ability to be incredibly accurate, as this project was completed alone. Delivering on time and on budget.

FDM Group

Software Engineer Trainee

Finished a comprehensive programming training course covering: SQL, UNIX, OOP & C#. Received a passing grade and was immediately placed, passing all technical & business interviews



Various Volunteering Roles

Various volunteering roles from teaching an MMA class, reading to disadvantaged children, tree planting & library work. As a reading volunteer some children jumped two reading years in six months, as a result of firm & fair pupil control.



BSc Biology

Manchester Metropolitan University

First class honours

Ignite Course


Completion of all sessions and projects



Empire International Open

Predators MMA & BJJ Academy


Foundation Degree

Management & Leadership

Royal Naval Reserves - Officer Training




Responsive Web Design

Completion of the course representing around 300hrs work


JS Algorithms and Data Structures

Completion of the course representing around 300hrs work