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Hi, I'm Kealan Parr.

Senior Software Engineer working on mobile, web and iOS.

Personal projects

Personal projects

Every Link I Wish I Had As A Beginner.

I created a repo detailing a host of useful links and resources to help less experienced developers. This has a CRON Node script that runs monthly, to ensure none of the links undergo link rot.

Developer Forge

A site I created to share my technical writing.

Recent work

Grid based algorithms.

I visualised Conway's Game of Life & implemented two path finding algorithms.

Chrome Dino script

A basic automation script I made for the chrome dino offline game.




Senior Fullstack Engineer

Working across a mixture of clients in a consultancy


Senior Software Engineer

Working in team Rai on our short-term loan products utilising React Typescript/JavaScript and NodeJS.



Software Engineer

Talented software developer, delivering projects on the mobile, web and iOS app products. Entrusted with out of hours on-call duties, and mentoring juniors, working in a high pressure environment.

Kite Apparel

Free-lance Web developer

Produced a website, with 40 product pages from a customers specification. Worked collaboratively with a client to understand their needs; successfully created their site. Gained the ability to be incredibly accurate, as this project was completed alone. Delivering on time and on budget.


FDM Group

Software Engineer Trainee

Finished a comprehensive programming training course covering: SQL, UNIX, OOP & C#. Received a passing grade and was immediately placed, passing all technical & business interviews


Various Volunteering Roles

Various volunteering roles from teaching an MMA class, reading to disadvantaged children, tree planting & library work. As a reading volunteer some children jumped two reading years in six months, as a result of firm & fair pupil control.



BSc Biology

Manchester Metropolitan University

First class honours

Ignite Course


Completion of all sessions and projects



Empire International Open

Predators MMA & BJJ Academy


Foundation Degree

Management & Leadership

Royal Naval Reserves - Officer Training




Responsive Web Design

Completion of the course representing around 300hrs work


JS Algorithms and Data Structures

Completion of the course representing around 300hrs work


Back End Developmet and APIs

Completion of the course representing around 300hrs work, and 5 Node API's you can view in my GitHub


Kealan Parr Ltd

Kealan Parr Ltd


Running a profitable freelance business offering technical writing, technical reviewing and software development.

I have worked successfully with more than 40 clients - across a host of interesting and challenging projects.

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